Christalee was an amazing makeup teacher. She taught me everything I needed to know to provide a beautiful makeup for everything from weddings, to television to red carpet events. I had no makeup experience and she gave me such a strong foundation to build from. Christalee was extremely patient and gave all of her students a lot of one on one attention. I am so grateful to Christalee for turning me into a confident and skilled makeup artist.

Samantha Waranch

Baltimore, Maryland

Christalee is the quint essential instructor.  I've never met anyone like her.  She makes her students feel like they can accomplish just about anything.  Her guidance and teaching skills are bar none.  I learned more about makeup application than I did from any instructor I have had to date.  She has the gift of patience and kindness....yet firm.  The perfect experience and an amazing class!

Sylvia Lacera Velasquez

Madrid, Spain

My favorite makeup instructor is the one and only Christalee! Her artistry is exceptional! Her teaching skills.. patient, kind... yet thorough. She is the sweetest lady and I learned more than I can express.  I HEART Christalee!
Billy “Echo” Minsky
West Hollywood, California

Christalee was my instructor at Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles in 2010. Because of her expertise and teaching skills, I am now a well rounded professional make up artist. She taught me in all aspects of Beauty....from Film, Print and Period Makeup to Bridal, High Fashion and Glamour.

Christalee was extremely organized and always willing to offer her assistance and guidance.  She has a great ability to build a strong rapport with her students.  Her high level of professionalism and competence, along with her ability to connect with each and every student is above and beyond.  I highly recommend her!

Michele Wismer

Zug, Switzerland

Christlee is an amazing makeup artist. As a Director I have seen her turn the scariest looking people into flawless beauties for camera. For the past 15 years she is the first person I call when I need a makeup artist on set. In fact, a major celebrity brought their own (very highly paid) makeup artist on a shoot while Christalee did the makeup for all the other talent and in post we had to color correct the "major talent" because his makeup was extremely Jersey Shore! I highly recommend hiring Christalee!

Wendi Cooper-Maronati

CEO of EGPRO, LLC, Owner & Creative Director C Spot Run Productions, & Talk Radio/TV Host C Spot Talk

I would like to say that Christalee is a beautiful teacher!  She helped me become a confident make up artist!  I loved the way she taught me and gave me much one on one attention.   I only wish I could have taken more classes from her because she always made me feel confident and was very patient with me as her student.  She is an excellent teacher and I love her.  I am so honored to have had her as my teacher and to know her. 
Paulina George Shaqur
Bethlehem, Palestine

I would highly recommend Ms Christalee McPherson as a professional makeup teacher. I had the honor of having her teach me in 2011. She covered 'Set Beauty Makeup', for both Male and Female Actors. Her extensive work, experience and years on set where such an insight to me. Not only with regards to the actual application of makeup, but also with set etiquette and poise. It is something that is overlooked nowadays, and I took in every little tip Christalee gave us to heart. Which did help me get a long way in my very own career on set.

Besides what she taught us, it was HOW she taught us. Her calm aura, and gentle nature really went a long way. And us students really felt we could ask anything, and not feel intimidated in any way possible. She actually made us feel comfortable with our difficulties, and helped us over come them.

I consider myself lucky to have crossed paths with Christalee.  I really hope other up and coming artists will have the same opportunity I had!

Chantal Busutill

Sliema, Malta

My experience with Christalee as a teacher was top of the line! Not only was she extremely educational, it was the one on one time spent with me and each of the other students that was truly the key to learning beautiful makeup! From strait beauty, editorial, hi-fashion and period makeup, Christalee knows her stuff and knows how to relate it back so others can learn. I highly recommend her for everything makeup! 

Eva Buinowski
Camarillo, California

Let me start out by thanking Ms. Christalee for not only teaching me techniques I never imagined I could master but also for her patience in doing so. This was an amazing learning experience and it was very personal with a lot of one on one time with only 4 students per class. I walked away from this class confident in my makeup application techniques and with more knowledge than I could ever have imagined. If I could give more than 5 stars I would because I cannot even begin to measure this experience with only 5 stars. I am thoroughly satisfied and recommend this class to anyone looking to further their career in the makeup industry. Traveling from Georgia to take this class was well worth it!! Thank you so much!!

Marie Kay

Stockbridge, Georgia